Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Only 2 days in and we are in full swing! The students are happy to be back at school, ready to learn new concepts and skills. Here are some of the topics we will be focusing on this term.

Language Arts: We will reading the critically acclaimed novel, The Wild Robot, and doing related activities both in class and at home. We will also work on various pieces of writing including personal writing, letter writing, and creative writing. There will be continued focus on grammar and parts of speech.

Math: We are continuing the patterning unit we began just before winter break. We will then move in to multiplication and data management (graphing) before beginning division. 

Social Studies: We are building upon our knowledge of Canada and looking at pre-confederation history. We will be learning about early explorers, the creation of New France, and the reasons and consequences of exploration.

Science: We are kicking off a unit on energy. We will be focusing on different types of energy and how it can be transformed. We will also learn ways in which we can cut our energy consumption. 

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