Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Math Update

In math we are learning about number patterns and equations. Patterns are used in math to solve problems. Much of your child's later number learning, such as multiplication, will be easier if they recognize number patterns. The goal will be for your child to identify, represent, describe, and extend number patterns. Your child will learn to place information in a table, find patterns in the numbers, and write a pattern rule.

To reinforce these concepts at home, you and your child can work on some at-home activities such as the following:

- Play a number pattern game. Player A chooses a start number between 0 and 5 (e.g., 2). Player B decides how to change the number and states the next number in the pattern (e.g., The patterns is "add 3" and the next number is "5").  Player A then continues the pattern by saying "8", and so on. The first person to reach or pass 50 wins. You can also begin the game with a large number and subtract. In this case the winner is the first to reach 0. 

- Point out ways in which patterns are used to create clothing, footwear, displays in stores, interior designs, exterior brickwork or patio designs, and so on.

- Have your child record personal activities, such as sports, club meetings, music lessons, watching favourite TV programs, that he or she participates in daily or weekly for a calendar month. Have your child describe any patterns that he or she sees.

- Your child can pay "Guess the Number" with household members. Have your child make up an equation with a missing number and then say, for example, "I'm thinking of a number. When you add 3 to my number you get 7. Guess my number." Players can take turns making up equations and guessing numbers.

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